Build ID: 1052901
Status: Success
System: x86_64-linux
Nix name: liquidwar-0.0.9beta
Part of: evaluation 266092 (and 3 others)
Duration: 7m 26s
Finished at: 2011-04-24 00:07:11
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Source One-click install of Nix package liquidwar-0.0.9beta
Source Nix closure of path /nix/store/x78fr4h9bkx6imrrlcyvcj1w6l9f8kq8-liquidwar-0.0.9beta


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Build started: 2011-04-23 23:59:45
Build finished: 2011-04-24 00:07:11
Nix expression: file pkgs/top-level/guile-2-test.nix in input nixpkgs
Nix name: liquidwar-0.0.9beta
Short description: Quick tactics game
License: not given
Homepage: not given
Maintainer(s): Michael Raskin <>
System: x86_64-linux
Derivation store path: /nix/store/3gwb637lnc4ald72sghsbw8cbr1zx7v0-liquidwar-0.0.9beta.drv
Output store paths: /nix/store/x78fr4h9bkx6imrrlcyvcj1w6l9f8kq8-liquidwar-0.0.9beta
Closure size: 381.09 MiB (history)
Output size: 46.94 MiB (history)
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system String value "x86_64-linux"
nixpkgs Subversion export 26943 /nix/store/5mgcq6990h0s2n6rxipm7mwprkwpjc9w-nixpkgs-r26943
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