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System: x86_64-linux
Nix name: gptfdisk-0.8.0
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Nix expression: file pkgs/top-level/release.nix in input nixpkgs
Nix name: gptfdisk-0.8.0
Short description: A set of text-mode partitioning tools for Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Partition Table (GPT) disks
License: GPLv2
Maintainer(s): Shea Levy <>
System: x86_64-linux
Derivation store path: /nix/store/fmk95l049jx1c5cp7fanhd10ayrgmi7r-gptfdisk-0.8.0.drv
Output store paths: /nix/store/cjm8dj1ix277c017gkcwf4r2iz1zd8f2-gptfdisk-0.8.0
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