Build ID: 2289983
Status: Success
System: x86_64-linux
Release name: nixos-0.1pre33176
Part of: evaluation 571445 (and 6 others)
Duration: 2s
Finished at: 2012-03-16 22:55:33
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Source Source distribution nixos-0.1pre33176.tar.bz2


nixosSrc 33174 to 33176

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Queued at: 2012-03-16 22:55:33
Build started: 2012-03-16 22:55:31
Build finished: 2012-03-16 22:55:33
Nix expression: file release.nix in input nixosSrc
Nix name: nixos-tarball-0.1pre33176
Short description: Build of a source distribution from a checkout
License: not given
Homepage: not given
Maintainer(s): not given
System: x86_64-linux
Derivation store path: /nix/store/qd0pjcp8cbnccna53x82a02yzphbr1n1-nixos-tarball-0.1pre33176.drv
Output store paths: /nix/store/2cc7qkyzxb432ilmzpcn4raalwkvi29q-nixos-tarball-0.1pre33176
Closure size: 0.31 MiB (history)
Output size: 0.31 MiB (history)
Availability: Build output is no longer available
NameTypeValueRevisionStore path
officialRelease Boolean false
nixosSrc Subversion export 33176 /nix/store/i38hicwb90xfjp6gfywasaak8xcj6jql-svn-export
1 Build of /nix/store/2cc7qkyzxb432ilmzpcn4raalwkvi29q-nixos-tarball-0.1pre33176 2s shelley Succeeded (log, raw, tail)