Failed with output
Build ID: 2394566
Status: Build failed with output
System: x86_64-linux
Nix name: libtool-2.4.3a
Part of: evaluation 600804 (and 5 others)
Duration: 44m 27s
Finished at: 2012-04-11 15:43:01
Logfile: pretty raw tail

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Note: this build is no longer available.

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hydraConfig fdafe5 to f1e6eb
nixpkgs 33714 to 33742
Queued at: 2012-04-11 15:43:01
Build started: 2012-04-11 14:58:34
Build finished: 2012-04-11 15:43:01
Nix expression: file libtool/release.nix in input hydraConfig
Nix name: libtool-2.4.3a
Short description: Native Nix build on x86_64-linux
License: not given
Homepage: not given
Maintainer(s): not given
System: x86_64-linux
Derivation store path: /nix/store/b4w3hmskwjcw21q1pnmz1f19r9rbp11j-libtool-2.4.3a.drv
Output store paths: /nix/store/b4f51ar5vhdjf7yqwarbvg5ix2cdhv4m-libtool-2.4.3a
Closure size: 458.82 MiB (history)
Output size: 22.16 MiB (history)
Availability: Build output is no longer available
NameTypeValueRevisionStore path
system String value "x86_64-linux"
automake Previous Hydra build gnu:automake-master:build build 1646415 /nix/store/ggr3qir7msk1k4bf63amyxzq35391c5c-automake-1.11a
tarball Previous Hydra build gnu:libtool-master:tarball build 1466491 /nix/store/xxkd8in3r2i07rp8k5l1mddkb9ih8i66-libtool-tarball-0pree9efe2cf60837796f03132ca3c2cf2f53193e619
nixpkgs Subversion export 33742 /nix/store/l86pfzbnic0xxpqdazsgs13zycq9bnzc-svn-export
hydraConfig Git checkout git:// f1e6ebc25cb24111e7033f788630375b52a9183c /nix/store/s3qda9d1hkjk8s3wi2hlps3bvalcn5al-git-export
autoconf Previous Hydra build gnu:autoconf-master:build build 2394562 /nix/store/48pb2ljgnrskyi757rkl3rmg83n82hyv-autoconf-2.68b.19-eaa96-dirty
libtoolSrc Git checkout git:// 11cd425e7d47111956381dba28f8c1b34e14653f /nix/store/iafd7gvy03cynvbgclb44a0j4ffy4bkk-git-export
1 Build of /nix/store/b4f51ar5vhdjf7yqwarbvg5ix2cdhv4m-libtool-2.4.3a 44m 27s hydra Succeeded (log, raw, tail)