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# Job Finished at Package/release name System
Failed (with result) 22439139 coverage 1h ago guile-coverage-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437549 build.x86_64-darwin 3h ago guile-0pre x86_64-darwin
Failed (with result) 22437551 build.i686-linux 3h ago guile-0pre i686-linux
Failed (with result) 22437548 build_without_threads.x86_64-darwin 3h ago guile-without-threads x86_64-darwin
Failed (with result) 22437546 build_clang.i686-linux 3h ago guile-clang i686-linux
Failed (with result) 22437554 build_without_threads.i686-linux 4h ago guile-without-threads i686-linux
Failed (with result) 22437550 build_clang.x86_64-linux 4h ago guile-clang x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437547 coverage 4h ago guile-coverage-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437543 build_CPPFLAGS=_DSCM_DEBUG=1 4h ago guile-CPPFLAGS=-DSCM_DEBUG=1-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437542 build_disable_networking 4h ago guile-disable-networking-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437553 build_without_threads.x86_64-linux 4h ago guile-without-threads x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437540 build_CPPFLAGS=_DSCM_DEBUG_TYPING_STRICTNESS=2 4h ago guile-CPPFLAGS=-DSCM_DEBUG_TYPING_STRICTNESS=2-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437539 build_disable_deprecated_disable_discouraged 4h ago guile-disable-deprecated-disable-discouraged-0pre x86_64-linux
Dependency failed 22437541 xbuild_mipsel_linux_gnu 4h ago guile-0pre-mipsel-unknown-linux x86_64-linux
Dependency failed 22437538 xbuild_mips_linux_gnu 4h ago guile-0pre-mips-unknown-linux-gnu x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437544 build.x86_64-linux 4h ago guile-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437545 build_enable_guile_debug 4h ago guile-enable-guile-debug-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22437552 tarball 4h ago guile-tarball-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22426911 coverage 22h ago guile-coverage-0pre x86_64-linux
Failed (with result) 22422664 build.x86_64-linux 1d ago guile-0pre x86_64-linux