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# Job Finished at Package/release name System
Failed with output 28181018 build.x86_64-darwin 1d ago gzip-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-darwin
Succeeded 28181020 build.i686-linux 1d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb i686-linux
Succeeded 28181021 build.x86_64-linux 1d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Succeeded 28181019 coverage 1d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Succeeded 28181017 tarball 1d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Aborted 28181000 build.x86_64-linux 2d ago gzip-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-linux
Aborted 28181002 build.i686-linux 2d ago gzip-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 i686-linux
Aborted 28180999 coverage 2d ago gzip-coverage-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-linux
Aborted 28181001 tarball 2d ago gzip-tarball-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-linux
Aborted 28181003 build.x86_64-darwin 2d ago gzip-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-darwin
Failed with output 28156539 build.x86_64-darwin 3d ago gzip-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-darwin
Succeeded 28156541 coverage 3d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Succeeded 28156540 build.i686-linux 3d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb i686-linux
Succeeded 28156537 build.x86_64-linux 3d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Succeeded 28156538 tarball 3d ago gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Aborted 28015252 build.x86_64-darwin 2015-11-20 gzip-v1.6-33-g6bfbf81 x86_64-darwin
Succeeded 28015249 build.x86_64-linux 2015-11-20 gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Succeeded 28015251 build.i686-linux 2015-11-20 gzip-1.6.33-6bfb i686-linux
Succeeded 28015250 coverage 2015-11-20 gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux
Succeeded 28015248 tarball 2015-11-20 gzip-1.6.33-6bfb x86_64-linux