2012-05-30 20:41:16 by Eelco Dolstra

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The following projects are hosted on this server:

Id Name Description
disnix Disnix Disnix, a Nix-based distributed service deployment tool
gnu GNU GNU's Not Unix
hydra Hydra Hydra, the Nix-based continuous build system
libchop libchop libchop, tools & library for data backup and distributed storage
nix Nix Nix, the purely functional package manager
nix-androidenvtests Nix android tests Tests for the Android build environment in Nixpkgs
nixops NixOps NixOS-based network/cloud deployment tool
nixos NixOS NixOS, the purely functional Linux distribution
nixpkgs Nixpkgs Nix Packages collection
node2nix node2nix Deploy NPM packages with the Nix package manager
patchelf PatchELF A tool for modifying ELF binaries